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Madison, Connecticut
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Ashley Lensch
#11: Mid, Def
NC: Chapel Hill
5'1" '21
105 A
Excellent field positioning, thrives on feedback and incorporates it into play, highly driven, great communicator on the field, resilient and solution focused during stress.  
Avery Bryanton
#54: Mid, Def
CT: Granby
5'6" '21
140 B+
Dedicated, coachable play maker with a high hockey IQ. Confident team player with a willingness to learn new skills and strategies.  
Carly-Anna Barba
CT: Madison
5'3" '20
135 B+
Determined, passionate, team player, competitive, leadership qualities, play hard until the last second, willing and open to learning anything i can to better my game and skills, great sportsmanship.  
Chloe Brants
#84: Fwd, Mid
CO: Littleton
5'1" '21
110 A
I am aggressive, coachable, athletic, and energetic. I am always trying to get better and always do my best to be the best teammate that I can be!  
Claire Gavin
#19: Fwd
CT: Durham
5'5" '21
125 A-
A crafty, lefty player with great speed, athleticism and agility on the field. Ice hockey player who has transitioned well to the field.  
Ella Liebel
CT: New Fairfield
5'5" '22
120 A-
Extremely coachable, multi-sport athlete. Smart forward, with a team-first mentality; an unselfish leader on the field who aspires to play field hockey at the collegiate level; 3.96 GPA high honors  
Grace Keefe
#29: Fwd, Mid
CT: Danbury
5'6" '22
130 A
I am coachable and have an in-depth understanding of the game, disciplined in learning, practicing, and strength and conditioning. Multi-sport student-athlete.  
Kelli Jacobson
#55: Def
CT: North Branford
5'4" '21
140 B+
Center-back Strong Dragflick; experienced on all field types Wide Range of Passing; Sweeping, hitting, pushing, aerials, reverse stick, disguised sweep Effective Communication and Leadership High Field Hockey IQ, strong decision making  
Megan Gilbey
#3: Mid, Def
CT: Avon
5'4" '21
115 A-
Committed team-player, speedy, composed under pressure, good field vision and decision-making, coachable, determined, passionate about playing field hockey.  
Olivia Geniti
Fwd, Mid
NY: Scotia
5'7" '22
I am a team player with good field vision. I am aggressive, play with intensity, and I am a hard worker on the field and in the classroom.  
Sadie Ruiz
#16: Fwd
CT: Wethersfield
5'2" '24
110 A
Coachable, unselfish, high IQ forward with good field vision and a knack for scoring. I'm tenacious, fast and have strong stick skills. A driven, multi-sport athlete and high honors student.  
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National Indoor Tournament Girls
Feb 21-23 '20
VA: Richmond
Shooting Star Regional Cup Northeast
Jul 23-25 '21
Southern Select Showcase
Jun 16-18 '20
SC: Clemson
Apex Summer Showcase
Jul 10-11 '21
NJ: Princeton
Super Sixty Collegiate Development Camp 2
Jul 1-3 '21
PA: Millersville
Salve Regina Camp
Aug 1-4 '21
RI: Newport
College Connection Mid-Atlantic Showcase
Jun 18-20 '21
College Connection Northeast Showcase
Jun 11-13 '21
Apex Spring Showcase
May 9 '21
Shooting Star Easter
Apr 2-3 '21
DE: Milford
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