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Princeton, New Jersey
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Abigail Duncan
#17: Goal
NJ: Lawernceville
5'9" '23
165 A+
Dedicated, multi sport athlete with great spacial awareness. I am hardworking, have a team first mentality, am extremely coachable, open minded, and have a good personality.  
Abigail Moir
#21: Fwd, Mid
NJ: Robbinsville
5'0" '23
Agressive, personable, passionate, flexible, accepting of all teammates and coaches, aware, strong-willed, take feedback in strides, versatile player, willing to help my teammates do their best all the time.  
Avery Barrett
#20: Fwd, Mid
NJ: Bordentown
5'5" '24
128 A
Team player, coachable, determined, speedy, and aggressive multi-sport athlete. I have a strong shooters mindset and I'm always looking to put in the extra work!  
Caroline Rotteveel
#27: Fwd, Mid
NJ: Lawrence Township
5'9" '25
120 NA
Aggressive, determined, quick thinker, great knowledge of the game, driven for success, team player.  
Chloe Rubin
#22: Fwd, Mid
NJ: Cream Ridge
5'3" '25
115 A-
Determined, hard working, good teammate, coachable, team oriented, adaptable, communicative, cooperative, strong field sense, passionate, ambitious, kind, responsible, dedicated, disciplined, team player, energetic, leads by example, positive attitude, respectful  
Esme Madia
#18: Fwd, Mid
NJ: West Windsor
5'4" '24
I'm a coachable multi sport athlete who is a determined competitor and team player.  
Faith Smith
Fwd, Mid
NJ: Bordentown
5'3" '24
128 A+
I am a determined, multi-sport athlete, and I give my all every single time I step on the field. I am comfortable asking my coaches what I can do to improve my game and I support my teammates on and off the field. I am resilient, hard working, and dedicated. And I love playing field hockey because I truly love the sport.  
India Haynesworth
#51: Fwd, Mid
NJ: Burlington
5'2" '23
132 B+
I step to and fight for every ball in sight. I am coachable, aggressive, and determined during practices and games. I am very fast and use it to my advantage.  
Isabella Distasio
#67: Mid, Def
NJ: H Illsborough
5'4" '25
108 A
Determined, coachable, utility player who is always looking to improve.  
Jorja Condurso
#6: Fwd
NJ: Absecon
5'2" '25
102 B+
Team player, aggressive, enthusiastic, athletic, coachable, utility player  
Kyla Hoffman
#26: Mid, Def
NJ: Chesterfield
5'4" '25
Strong player who can cooperate well with others- determined and excited to learn more and become better overall.  
Madeline Schwartz
#00: Goal
NJ: Robbinsville Township
5'9" '23
I pride myself in being a supportive teammate and coachable player. During practices and games I am a determined and disciplined player.  
Madison Whittington
#42: Mid, Def
NJ: East Windsor
5'6" '25
I am aggressive , committed to my team , determined , and a multi-sport athlete.  
Madison Young
#34: Mid, Def
NJ: West Windsor
5'3" '23
Hard worker, team player, adaptable to different positions, dedicated, passionate, disciplined, coachable.  
Mallory Bertrand
#33: Fwd, Mid
NJ: East Windsor
5'6" '24
I am a coachable, multisport athlete who is dedicated, hardworking, and a teamplayer. I would like to play at a collegiate level.  
Marie Conway
#4: Fwd, Mid
NJ: East Windsor
5'3" '25
105 A-
Coachable, adaptable, inspired, hard working, strong game awareness, team player with a positive attitude.  
Olivia Brovak
#20: Goal
NJ: Bordentown
5'4" '24
Team player, determined, aggressive and hard-working  
Olivia Cano
#23: Mid, Def
NJ: Lawrenceville
5'3" '25
Team-player who leaves it all on the field, loves to learn and always looking to get better and improve, motivated multi-sport athlete, leader on and off the field  
Olivia Duguay
#13: Mid
NJ: West Windsor
5'3" '24
coachable team player, goal oriented, strong skills and understanding of the game, hardworking and disciplined multisport athlete who is a leader both on and off the field.  
Phoebe Thielmann
#15: Mid
NJ: Pennington
5'7" '25
130 A
Always wants to improve and learn more about the game, strong leader on the field, good teammate, performs well under pressure, goal-oriented, determined, respectful, and dedicated  
Riley Kafasis
#17: Fwd, Mid
NJ: Bordentown
5'7" '24
145 B
passionate, supportive, and aggressive team player whom is goal oriented, and adventurous when it comes to trying new skills.  
Rylind Pasquito
#10: Def
NJ: Titusville
5'7" '25
I am a disciplined and avid enthusiast of sports that involve sticks. In addition to field hockey, I also play lacrosse making me a multi-sport athlete. I'm coachable and aggressive.  
Samantha Pinelli
#82: Mid, Def
NJ: Frenchtown
5'1" '25
126 A
Strong team player, good sense of field, multi-sport athlete-as a player, I can play any position my coach needs me to with no questions asked.  
Shannon Conway
#14: Def
NJ: East Windsor
5'3" '23
127 A-
Work hard, coachable, good listener, know the game, supportive teammate, sportsmanship and positive attitude. Spiritual, kind, compassionate, very intuitive.  
Sofia Bernardo
#2: Mid, Def
NJ: Chesterfield
5'3" '25
130 A-
Quick learner, coachable, advanced stick skills, has awareness of the game, aggressive, and is very determined. I am I team player and is always trying to learn new skills.  
Sophie Gono
Fwd, Mid, Def
NJ: Princeton
5'5" '25
120 A-
Athletic, mature, coachable, quick, determined, versatile, hard working, aggressive, team oriented, resilient, dedicated, multi-sport athlete  
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Apex Spring Showcase
May 9 '21
Shooting Star Thanksgiving Girls
Nov 26-28 '21
NFHCA Winter Escape Showcase
Jan 14-16 '22
Shooting Star Thanksgiving 2021 - Goalie Shooter Showcase
Nov 26-28 '21
Limelight Showcase
Jun 11-13 '21
Connect Live 7v7 Field Hockey Tournament
Apr 24 '21
Shooting Star Summer Escape
Jun 5-6 '21
DE: Milford
Apex Summer Showcase
Jul 10-11 '21
NJ: Princeton
Surf & Sand Summer College Showcase
Jul 24 '21
NJ: Tinton Falls
NFHCA Winter Escape - Goalie Shooter Showcase 2022
Jan 16 '22
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