Rachel Konowal

Hired on March 20, 2020, Rachel Konowal joins UC Davis field hockey's coaching staff following a two-year stint at Lehigh University.

Konowal brings a wealth of experience as a student-athlete at Monmouth from 2014-17 and a graduate assistant coach at Lehigh for the 2018 and 2019 seasons. She also brings years of coaching knowledge at the youth level has been a coach for the Surf and Sand Field Hockey Club in Long Branch, N.J., and a USA Futures Assistant Coach in Region 6 in New Jersey.

Though her collegiate playing days are not far behind her, she brings on-turf experience that rivals many staff around the nation.

The step to coaching for Konowal, who left Monmouth equipped with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Information Technology, was a natural one though.

"When I was figuring out what I wanted to do after Monmouth, I knew I wanted to do something I'm passionate about," she said. "And that was field hockey. For me coaching, just comes natural in a way. The biggest influences in my life, other than my family and my parents, have been my coaches. So for me, to kind of do the same thing and give back to the sport has been coming full circle for me."

While a member of the coaching staff at Lehigh, Konowal obtained a Master's degree in Educational Leadership graduated in December 2019.

Her first time in California came on her interview in Davis but it didn't take long for Konowal to feel at home.

"I think UC Davis is a unique place and there are a lot of things that are really positive about it."

Having hit the ground running over the last month, Konowal has spent some of her early time at UC Davis observing and molding her coaching style to the team but is no stranger to the collegiate athletics experience.

"I just want help and be the best influence I can," Konowal said. "Field hockey is a really fun sport to play, the relationships that you build with the girls and the rest of the athletic community is really special. Becoming part of something bigger than yourself is what I feel athletics is all about."