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Jillian Ambler

2023 | NY: Fairport

Jessica Galatioto

Oct 8, 2021

Jillian is a fast forward who is skilled at finishing in the circle. She has the endurance and skill to go back to help on defense, while also creating breakaway opportunities or heading high into the circle to be a forward option for someone else. She is dedicated and has put herself in positions to compete regionally as well as in the big showcases down the coast in order to continue improving and keeping her conditioning up in the off season. She also has a similar work ethic off the field in the classroom and as a team leader on and off the field.

Theresa Sanna

Oct 7, 2021

Jillian is a high level athlete with speed. She is eager for practices and competitions. She sets a high standard for behavior on and off of the field; she is a role model for all. She participates in year-long training, condition, and skill building. She is a versatile forward but could play anywhere on the field. Jillian is coachable, dependendable, highly motivated, and a true team player.

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