Calyn Clements

2023 | PA: Carlisle
561 |

Lindsay Bower

May 25, 2021

I am Calyn's high school field hockey coach. Calyn is such a reliable player and plays a "defensive mid" position for us. We try to keep her in the center of the field as much as possible because of her ability to maintain possession and distribute. Her stick skills are very advanced (even when we play on grass). She starts every game for us and plays almost every minute of every game because a lot of the time we cannot afford to have her off of the field. Her transition from offense to defense and vice versa is very quick. She has one of the strongest tackles on our team and is one of the toughest players I have ever coached. Her endurance, even while playing in the midfield, is unmatched by most. She is always eager to learn more and play as many minutes as she can. She is very versatile in her shooting. She is the "QB" of our attacking corners due to her hard shot and accuracy and she is a member of our defensive corner unit as well.

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