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Caelie Patrick

2024 | MA: Manchester By The Sea

Mark Dawson

Mar 4, 2022

Caelie Patrick has been an asset to our track team in character, athleticism, and coachability. She is supportive of teammates and will encourage them to be confident in their abilities. As a leader, she has shown initiative to begin daily routines and be upfront about team needs and desires. As an athlete, she possesses great talent and an intuitive sense of how a race is developing - which is an advanced skill that not many athletes understand until they have matured through the sport. I see her as a strong athlete through many events on the track. When she is in shorter, tactical races she knows when to make her move to pass competitors and in longer, strategic races she has great endurance and limitless patience. Caelie has been wonderful to work with in regards to execution of a race plan which is testament to her awareness during a race and strength as an athlete. Her speed and endurance can keep her in races longer than most, and I believe she has a high ceiling for improvement. I fully support Caelie and see her as a fantastic recruit to any team.

Courtney Brown

Feb 28, 2022

Caelie is by far one of our most remarkable players. She takes the ball with speed, has strong elimination skills, and a powerful shot. She is able to set the tone of the game and take charge in high stakes plays. When implementing our press, Caelie is the first person to communicate with her teammates on positioning. As a forward, she is most dangerous in the circle, but truly competes everywhere on the field. She never gives up on the ball, playing strong and smart defense in transition. She has been instrumental in our success. Caelie has game sense far beyond her years. She often comes to me with new plays or ideas about how to improve our team. Her teammates look up to her in amazement; the girls want to play like her and see how her commitment to playing in the off-season translates into our regular season. Caelie is at times a very selfless player…she sets her teammates up for success in circle when she herself is not able to score. I endorse Caelie's sportsmanship, skills, game sense, and fitness whole heartedly.

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